[AppInsights] Getting Started - Step 5 - Upgrading your AppInsights account

If you’ve decided that AppInsights is a good fit for your team, you’ll probably be interested in upgrading to one of our dashboard plans.  This is a very straightforward process and can be initiated from within the AppInsights app.  Simply purchase the app from the AppDirect Marketplace and follow the directions.


You will then be brought to the AppDirect “Manage Apps” screen where you’ll be asked to “Activate Subscription” (if your trial has expired) or “Upgrade to Paid Edition” (if you’re still in the middle of your trial).

Trial expired

getting started upgrading your Leftronic 3

Trial active
getting started upgrading your Leftronic 4

Upon clicking either of these buttons, you’ll be prompted to select your preferred AppInsights dashboard plan. Once you’ve selected your plan, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Continue” at bottom right.



You will then be asked to enter your credit card information and finalize the payment process.  Upon checkout completion, you will automatically be issued a receipt which can be accessed by logging into AppInsights, navigating to "Account" at top left, and then hitting the "Billing" tab in the next screen.  You will be defaulted to the "Manage Invoices" pane which is always available if you’re interested in reviewing your AppInsights billing history.

getting started upgrading your Leftronic 7

getting started upgrading your Leftronic 8


Please note that this check-out flow is only for users who wish to pay by credit card.  If you require a pre-issued invoice so you can pay manually via wire or check, please email us.

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