[AppInsights] Features - Collaboration: posting and viewing comments

The Collaboration feature allows users to make comments on any widget on a dashboard that they have permission to edit. These comments can then be viewed at any time by users who have access to the dashboard.

Adding a comment:

To add a comment to a widget, click on the full-screen icon at the top right of your widget (next to the gear icon).

tutorial collaboration view 1b

Once the widget expands to fit your screen, you will see the comments bar on the right. Type in your comment in the space at the bottom of the sidebar and you will see the comments appear at the top. Comments will come in chronological order (newest at the bottom) and each includes the email address of your user account as well as a timestamp of when the comment was made. You can return to the dashboard by clicking on the breadcrumb link in the top left.

tutorial collaboration view 2

Overview of comments:

You can also see an overview of all the comments made about all the widgets on a dashboard by clicking on the “Collaborate” button on the primary AppInsights nav bar.

tutorial collaboration view 3

This will bring up the comments sidebar again but this time, you will see the 3 most recent comments made about each of the widgets on the dashboard.

tutorial collaboration view 4

You can close the the sidebar by clicking on the “Collaborate” button again.

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