[AppInsights] Features - Accounts: Accessing AppInsights payment history

Please note: these instructions are valid for AppInsights users who created their account after November 10th, 2014.  If you are a legacy customer and signed up prior to our acquisition by AppDirect, please contact support for payment history information / receipts.

From time to time, you may need a history of the automated credit card payments that have processed for your AppInsights subscription.  To access invoices and receipts you must be a billing admin in AppDirect to gain access to billing records. Typically, the creator of the AppInsights account will also be a billing admin and can assign that access to other users as well. 

To begin, start by logging into your AppInsights account.

Once logged in to your account, select the “Account” tab on the top toolbar, and then hit "Billing" in the next screen.


You will be defaulted to the "Manage Invoices" pane where you can view a list of all your previous payments.  By clicking any payment line item, you can view additional details on each individual payment and even print PDF versions of each payment receipt.

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