If event query did not return a unique result for SUBSCRIPTION_CANCEL


Our partners can not cancel one time Microsoft subscription purchase via our marketplace.


If a partner triggers a cancel SUBSCRIPTION_CANCEL events and it gets failed with below error.


java.lang.IllegalStateException: query did not return a unique result: ;
nested exception is javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException:
query did not return a unique result:

This is a known limitation or a bug as one time purchase cancellation is not well supported in the marketplace in our code and we are recommending the partner to uncheck the cancellation in the edition page. 


Sample Payload :

{ [-]
  @timestamp: 2021-04-24T03:44:27.002+10:00
  @version: 1
  caller_class_name: xxxxxxxxx
  caller_file_name: xxxxxxxxxx
  caller_line_number: xxxxxxx
  caller_method_name: isValidForReset
  clientIpAddress: xxxxxxxxxx
  contextCategory: Wicket
  contextName: /channel/marketplace/pages/MarketplacePage/wrapper/contentPanel/contentTab/eventsTable/filters/headerTop/input
  dd.service: monolith
  dd.version: 482.3-RELEASE
  level: ERROR
  level_value: 40000
  logger_name: com.appdirect.backend.event.service.EventResetServiceImpl
  message: Event= xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      cannot be reset.

EventType=SUBSCRIPTION_CANCEL not supported
  method: POST
  parentSpanId: xxxxxxxxxxx
  partner: TELSTRA
  pathInfo: /channel/marketplace
  requestId: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  sampled: true
  sessionId: xxxxxxxxxx
  spanId: xxxxxxxxxxx
  thread_name: http-nio-8080-exec-83
  traceId: xxxxxxxxxx
  userUuid: xxxxxxxxxxx


Sample ZD ticket :




JIRA ticket:



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