Marketplace Terminology

While exploring AppDirect's platform capabilities, you may come across some terminology you might not be familiar with.  


ACH — Automated Clearing House


BoBo — Buy-on-behalf-of

Builders — Builders are customer self-service tools with a WYSIWYG editor designed for business users (e.g. Storefront Builder, Report Builder, Invoice Builder).


Centers — Destinations for particular user groups (e.g. Developers, Resellers) on the platform.

Channel — Marketplace company or owner

Community Distribution — The group of software products within the AppDirect catalog for which its customers do not use pre-negotiated agreements through AppDirect.

Core Distribution — The group of software products for which AppDirect has pre-negotiated pricing & terms so that its customers can immediately leverage the product within their catalog.

Customers — Organizations that purchase and pay for products & services from AppDirect (excluding payment solely for Distribution)

CRM — Customer Relationship Management

CSP* — Communication Service Provider

The vertical target market that specializes in providing communication services such as broadband, mobile phones, and plans to end users.

*Also can refer to:  1- Cloud Solution Provider, or 2- Microsoft co-selling program


Developer* — An individual who writes code.
*Also, the title of the User Role granted to this individual on the marketplace.


Edition — A specific set of functions/capabilities/attributes of a product grouped together to meet specific customer needs.

End customers/End users — Businesses and their employees that purchase services/subscriptions from AppDirect customers.

ERP — Enterprise Resource Planning


First-party products — The products that are sold by AppDirect customers and provide their main line of business (they own the intellectual property).


IaaS — Infrastructure as a Service

Indirect channel — The entity that sells products on behalf of AppDirect customers, i.e. Reseller.

IPaaS — Integration Platform as a Service


Managers* — An aggregation of features and capabilities that are grouped at a level just below the product level (e.g. Marketplace Manager*, Application Manager, Storefront Manager).
*Note the distinction from the Marketplace Manager user role on the platform.


Platform — The underlying technology stack to which products are connected.

Products — Discreet collections of platform capabilities that are packaged and sold.


Roles — A purposeful group of user permissions thematically built around jobs to be done on the platform.


SaaS — Software as a Service

Service Provider — Companies to which AppDirect sells its services. This may be a prospect or a customer.

SMB — Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Software Company — The vertical target market that specializes in providing software services to end customers.

SSO — single sign-on


Telco — Telecommunications Provider

Toolkits — Toolkits offer customization of the platform without a WYSIWYG editor and are designed for technical users.


Vendor — An organization that provides products on the platform that other channels can sell.


XaaS — Everything as a Service 

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