Customizing your storefront with Storefront Builder or Developer Toolkit

To customize the look and layout of your marketplace, you can use our default Plaza Theme or create your own custom themes. Simply edit the layout and pages within the Storefront Builder, and then publish your Theme when ready.

If the Storefront Builder  

Access the Theme Manager

To access, click the Theme Manager tab in the marketplace, then click Customize. This will open the Storefront Builder UI. 

How to use the Storefront Builder 

You can find all information on customizing with the Storefront builder here:
Customize the storefront
Work with the storefront builder

Customize using Storefront Toolkit (for web developers)

With the Storefront Toolkit a front-end developer creates, tests, and packages a theme on a local machine.

A front-end developer who works in the Toolkit should be familiar with web page development, and be comfortable working with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

How to install the Toolkit

Video tutorials: Storefront Builder Toolkit


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