Can I hide the Sign Up, Login or Cart options from my homepage?

Editing the Header & Footer

You can turn on and off the Login, Sign Up and Cart options from your marketplace landing page by using the Storefront Builder, accessed from the Theme Manager on the marketplace. 

It is important to note this will hide the icons, but will not disable their functionality. For example if someone were to go directly to your marketplace e.g. will still be able to view and complete the signup flow.

For more information on working with the Storefront Builder, refer to this article. 

How to hide Sign Up (registration button)

  1. Login to your marketplace and click Customize Store (tool icon) to launch the Theme Manager.
  2. Click Customize on the live theme. 
  3. Select Header & Footer > header > home bar > display registration > toggle off.
  4. Go back to Theme Manager and Publish the theme.

How to hide Login and Cart

Follow the same steps for Login or Cart by toggling their relevant buttons. 

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