Can my marketplace have a custom domain?

How can I change my Marketplace url?

During your free trial, the domain associated with your marketplace will show as ‘.byappdirect’. 

If you subscribe to AppDirect, you can request to change the domain (URL) associated with your marketplace. We will need the following information:

  • Current marketplace URL: (e.g.
  • New/ desired marketplace URL: 
  • Proposed change / migration date and time: (at least 10 business days)
  • Confirm you approve to let AppDirect manage the certificate (via CloudFlare): Yes


Typically 5 to 10 business days

  1. To request a domain name change, contact including the above information. AppDirect will provide a ticket number to track the request. 
  2. AppDirect will create an entry in our CloudFlare instance, then provide you with a CNAME and/or DNS entry which your IT team will need to update on their end.
  3. Once confirmed, AppDirect will sync the records and change the base URL of your marketplace.
  4. AppDirect will proactively maintain renewal of the SSL Certificate.


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