How can I hide product reviews from my marketplace?

Product Reviews are displayed in many parts of the Store. AppDirect provides granular control of where reviews are displayed, allowing for flexibility in how to represent this user generated content.

These instructions hide reviews. More information on managing and approving reviews can be found here.

Access the Theme Manager

  1. Log into your marketplace.

  2. Navigate to Manage > Store.

  3. Navigate to Theme Manager.

  4. Select the Storefront Theme you would like to customize and click on the Customize button.

Hide reviews from the Home Page

  1. With “Home Page” selected from the page selector, click on Components.

  2. Click on Slider component.

  3. Uncheck the Display ratings box to toggle the display of reviews.

Hide reviews from the Listing Page

  1. With page selector, select Listing Page.

  2. Click on Component.

  3. Click on Category sidebar.

  4. Toggle off the Display ratings.

  5. Return to the components list for the Listing Page.
  6. Click on Product listing.
  7. Toggle off the Display ratings.

Hide reviews from the Product Profile

  1. With page selector, select Product Profile.

  2. Click Components.

  3. Click on Product Banner.

  4. Toggle off Ratings are visible.

  5. Return to the components list.

  6. Click on Product page tabs.

  7. Hover over Reviews item and click on the gear icon.

  8. Click on Hide.

  9. Return to the components list.

  10. Hover over the Product reviews item and click on the trash can icon.

  11. Click on Delete Component when prompted. This component can be added back if desired.

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