How do I unassign Apps from a user?

You may want to unassign apps from users who are no longer using them, or when deleting a user you will be prompted to unassign their apps first. 

How to unassign an app from a single user

  1. Click Gear icon top right (Accounts).
  2. Select Assign Apps tab at top.
  3. Search & select user from left-side column.
  4. Remove checkbox from apps you want to unassign.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Review on next page and click Submit.
  7. After submitting you will see a green banner at top confirming the app has been unassigned.

How to unassign an app from a group of users

If you select the Groups tab instead of the Users tab, you can bulk unassign apps from groups of users. 

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