How do I invite a prospect or customer to browse and buy on my marketplace?

The default settings on your marketplace allow prospects and customers to access and browse all the products and pricing in your marketplace without the need to login. 

Creating customer accounts

If your marketplace is commerce-enabled (AppDirect Professional), customers will be prompted to create an account or login during the Checkout process. 

Note: if you are performing an Assisted Sale, you’ll need to create a Customer Company on your marketplace. Follow the steps outlined in our Documentation.

"Locking" your Marketplace until it's ready to go public

If you're still working on your marketplace and prefer lock it with a username & password until you're ready to go public, refer to this article:

How can I password protect my marketplace until I'm ready to make it public?

Hiding pricing for unauthenticated users

To prompt login in order to view pricing, check off the ‘Logged out pricing’ box in the Customer UI Settings page. Learn more here.  


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