Can I hide or make certain products invisible to certain users or companies?

Product Segmentation

Segments or Segmentation in the marketplace allow Marketplace Managers to target products at specific companies, so that only users from companies within those segments can purchase or view the products.

For example, you could create a segment called Countries, then create folders called Canada, USA, Germany, etc. and target specific products by region.

Where can I view Segments in the Marketplace?

Segments are found at Manage > Store > Products > Segments.  

Creating a Segment

  1. Create segment folders
  2. Associate companies to the segment: Create and manage segments > Build a segment manually.
  3. Add the product(s) to be segmented:

    By default, a product visibility setting is enabled so that anonymous users who are not logged in to your marketplace can view (but not purchase) products that are associated with segments. To disable this setting so that only users who are logged in can view products associated with a segment, see Edit segmented product visibility.
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