Where can I learn more about Notifications, Custom Attributes and Translations?

The following Custom UI how-to guides are available for users in the Resource Center:

NOTE: You must be logged in to your Marketplace as a Marketplace Manager to view these settings.


The Manage Notification section allows you to view and edit the notifications sent automatically to customers. You can enable or disable notifications, and edit your own custom notification templates.

Access the guide here: Manage Notifications

NOTE: To enable or disable customer notifications, refer to the Enable or Disable Notification delivery methods guide.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are customizable fields that can be added to products, users, or orders when one needs to collect information from customers outside of the default fields.

Access the guide here: Access Custom Attributes

NOTE: To learn how to create attributes, refer to the Create Custom Attributes guide.


Here, one can create keys and provide translations for each of them. When the key is used in a template, it will be translated to the correct language of the page.

Access the guide here: Create and Manage Translations Keys

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