How to Submit a ticket to AppDirect Support


In general there are 2 ways to submit a ticket to AppDirect Support: 1) via the AppDirect Support Portal and 2) via Email. With either of these 2 methods, reporting the issue correctly is key to a timely resolution.

When submitting a ticket it's crucial that you provide clear, accurate and complete data, with reproducible steps and screenshots or a screen capture. Taking the time to provide this information will help accelerate the resolution of the request. 
Here are some fields that will be requested if you haven't already provided them.
Description of Issue:
Marketplace URL:
User email address(es):
Company Name: 
Order / Invoice number: (If it's related to an Order/Invoice issue)
Product Name and listing page url: (If it's related to a product issue)
Error Message: 
Steps to Reproduce: 
Additional Notes:
(Microsoft Issues, MSFT) Has there been any changes made directly on MOP? If so, what was done?
MSFT Domain:
MSFT Subscription ID:
MSFT Customer ID:
If API related issue:
Appdirect API URL Endpoint:
Authentication Credentials:
HTTP Method:

 1) Via the AppDirect Technical Support Portal, This is the recommended method.


You can easily see and manage all our your and your organisations tickets

The ticket communication uses an eye friendly format unlike an email chain

Has a mobile App for both IOS and Android


You need to have an account (one time pain point)

You need to login to the portal, it's an extra step. <<need a link on how to request a login to the portal>>

2) Via Email

If you have been assigned dedicated e-mail aliases, for example, acmesupport@appdirectcom and , you can open Severity 3 tickets using the and Severity 1 and Severity 2 tickets using  


Easy to answer to the ticket when not at your desk


Not an easy format to read the story of the ticket


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