[AppInsights] Widgets - Time widget: overview

Interested in adding a set of global clocks to your dashboard?  Then our time widget is for you!  There’s no limit to the number of time widgets you can add, they will all update in real-time, and we offer all global time zones.

To get started, navigate to the services panel (“+ Add Widget” button), select the “Content Widgets” tile, and then choose the Time widget.



You’ll notice that a new widget has been deployed to your dashboard and is waiting to be configured.  Click the gear icon and select the “Edit Widget Settings” menu, or click the linked "configure this widget" to hop directly to this menu. 

You’ll notice that the “Data Settings” tab is blank -- there is no data being passed to this widget type -- but you can navigate to the “Widget Settings” tab to modify your widget title, choose your timezone, and convert to a 24-hour time format (if desired).  Make sure to hit the blue “Save” button once you’ve made your changes.

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