Submitting support cases via the AppDirect Support Portal

AppDirect Technical Support Requests - Online Portal or Email

There are 2 ways of submitting cases to support: by email, or using the online portal.

  • Email - Sending email to your support alias (i.e. not only creates a support case, it also creates a user in our Ticketing System.

    If you are happy managing your cases by email, there is no need to register. Any authorized user in your organisation can email us to open a ticket.

  • Portal - if you wish to submit/manage cases via the support portal, you must register and/or get a password. 


Accessing the AppDirect Technical Support portal

  1. Go to AppDirect Support (  and click sign in.

  2. If you have previously communicated with AppDirect Technical Support by email, you are already provisioned in our ticketing system; request your password by selecting Get a password.

    If you have never emailed us, create a user and password using the Sign up option

  3. Follow the instructions to register and/or obtain your password.

  4. Once complete, return to AppDirect Support and sign in.


Navigating in the Portal

After signing in, there are 2 main links at the top of the page: Submit a request and My activities

Submit a Request opens a new support case for your organisation.
My activities allows you to view & manage your and your organisation's open cases.

Activities view
There are several easy-to-follow tabs to help you manage your tickets:

  • My requests are tickets owned by you
  • Organization requests displays cases opened by colleagues in your organisation,
  • Requests I'm CC'd on are cases opened by others via email or in the portal on which you were CC'd.
  • Contributions are reserved for comments you have made on articles.
  • Following are cases which you have selected to follow.

You can filter by Status if you have many cases to make it easier to manage.


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