Pending or Suspended Products error when changing Hostway Subscription

Issue: The ticket is related to a subscription change failure. When looking in the error logs, the Event_Callback error identifies the problem as:


EVENT_CALLBACK[notificationUrl={eventUrl}&token={token}][event.token=8c1cb328-0da8-4576-835c-2ed542b16cad][event.type=SUBSCRIPTION_CHANGE][event.origin=MARKETPLACE][result.success=false][result.asynchronous=false][result.manuallyResolved=false][result.errorCode=null][result.message=400 "{\"computeFault\": {\"guid\": \"189328ce-6997-4a40-9b27-21a5b93df006\", \"message\": \"Call to get product change strategy failed: product number acct9780313-0000016f69fcd8748fc941ed007f0000000100, target product text key core.plan.linux.basic, error code 70, error message Plan acct9780313-0000016f69fcd8748fc941ed007f0000000100 contains pending or suspended products\", \"code\": 400, \"details\": \"\"}}"][result.accountIdentifier=null][result.userIdentifier=null][][http.status=0]

Related Ticket:

This will require us to get in touch with HostWay so that they can resolve the issue. Please use the Side Conversations to email our HostWay contacts (May 2022):


Please provide the company name and email address, the current product and the desired product from the ticket along with the full Event_Callback error in your side conversation. 

Company Name:

Email Address:

Current Product:

Desired Product:

Event_Callback error:

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