[AppInsights] Features - Scheduled reports: send an image or PDF of your dashboard via an automated email

For those of you who have already mastered our basic reporting functionality -- tutorial here -- our scheduled reports feature will make sharing your dashboards even easier.

For starters, navigate to the "Email Report" menu by hitting the wrench icon at the top right of your current dashboard:


From there, you can list as many recipient emails as you’d like (separated by commas), specify a custom message, and select the file format that is most appropriate (JPEG or PDF).

Rather than hitting save right away, this time you’ll want to click the “Scheduled Reports” dropdown at bottom right.  This dropdown will allow you to specify which days you would like your dashboard report to be automatically sent, and at what time of day (make sure to choose your local time zone).

Once you’ve made your selections, hit the “Update Schedule” button and your new report will automatically be sent on the schedule you’ve specified.  Keep in mind, your scheduled reports are unique to each please follow these same instructions if you’d like to create a scheduled report for another one of your dashboards.

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